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Agile Business Consortium - a global leader in promoting business agility, with unrivalled expertise in the field. A not-for-profit organisation, it pioneered Agile and continues to inspire new developments and thinking such as the role of innovation at the heart of the Agile Business Change Framework.

Agile businesses work faster, better and deliver greater value for money - delighting customers, motivating staff and so driving profit. Agile practices improve all aspects of an organisation, from HR and finance to project management, product development and organisational change.

Bright Network - a career-oriented network of university students and graduates in the United Kingdom.

Bright Network was founded in 2013 with a simple mission, to create a free to join innovative network of the brightest students and connect them with the best career opportunities. Today, they have partnered with over 300 leading employers including Accenture, Aldi, Bloomberg, Civil Service Fast Stream, Clifford Chance, Deloitte, Deliveroo, Dyson, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Mars, M&S, Morgan Stanley, Police Now, Skyscanner, Teach First, UBS and Vodafone.

Global Sustain

Global Sustain is an international Sustainable Finance, ESG Investing & Sustainability Reporting & Sustainability Management Consulting & Research with 13+ market experience with companies & offices in London, Berlin, Athens, presence & affiliates in Brussels, New York & Nicosia. The company is also a leading sustainability community with over 400 organisations as corporate members.

CAPITALS Circle Group(CCG)


CAPITALS Circle Group is an international Advisory with expertise on Investor Relations & Financial Communications, Public/Regulatory Affairs, Public Policy, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Market Growth serving Investors, Corporates & Startups with a great expertise on Digital Economy & Tech Industry. It is based in Berlin but internationally active with affiliates in Athens, London, Brussels.

The Grad Soc


The Grad Soc - a revolutionary bridge from university to a job. They allow you to complete free skill courses then take you straight to interview with employers looking for those skills. Once you get a job, they pay you a signing bonus based on how many courses you completed.

Dartmouth Partners - an award-winning recruitment consultancy

Dartmouth Partners find and recruit the best and brightest, from the smartest graduates to the most distinguished leaders. They are not a typical recruitment business. They focus on identifying the world’s greatest candidates. They’re known for embedding individuals with an outstanding academic or professional background into firms who understand that hiring the finest talent is vital to stay competitive and succeed.

King's College London Economics & Finance Society


"Largest, most distinguished economics and finance dedicated society at King's College London. Since our establishment in 2006, our members have consistently been provided with the tools, assistance and experience necessary to broaden their career perspectives and enhance their educational experiences. A diverse range of speakers, networking events and professionally-led workshops are among the core opportunities our society is proud to offer."



Since 2003, Preqin have been the most reliable source of data, insights and tools for alternative assets professionals around the globe.

Today, more than 90,000 investors, fund managers, placement agents, service providers, advisors and other industry professionals rely on Preqin to find valuable opportunities and make intelligent decisions in alternative assets.

Our products and services span the following asset classes: private equityventure capitalhedge fundsreal estateinfrastructureprivate debtnatural resources and secondaries.

We provide in-depth data and research to support our global client base in their daily activities including fundraising, investor relations, asset allocation, portfolio management, fund manager selection and business development

Imperial College Investment Society


“Partnering with the York Finance Conference (YFC) Team for their 2020 Conference was a great experience - the team was thoroughly organised and I was very impressed at the calibre of speakers they attracted to speak at the event. For people looking to increase their career capital, be it students or recent graduates, this conference is a great opportunity to do so. The upcoming YFC 2021 Conference will not be an event to miss.” - David Tyoember, Former President (2019/20), Imperial College Investment Society

Sponsoring YFC 

York Finance Conference relies heavily on sponsorship to run the event at rates affordable to the whole community. If you're interested in sponsoring our event, please contact us.

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